IEEE Day 2020 60 Sec Innovation Contest Video on E-Waste

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I have been working on E-Waste projects for the last 3-4 years, and have been awarded the Junior Scientist Award for the same. I have presented my whole research in this 60 seconds video. E-waste or Electronic Waste has been identified as one of the fastest-growing waste in the world at present. It comprises of electronic appliances such as computers, mobiles, telephones, cells, CDs, and various other things which contribute to this plethora of waste. E-waste contains various toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials. Technological advancements and socio-economics developments are the driving factors of the same. This innovative solution consists of three solutions basically, they are: 1. Three-tier E-Waste collection system. It will further contain collection centers are three levels. They are: a). City Level b) Block Level c) State Level 2. Coupon Distribution system: The people who will be contributing to this cause and submitting their E-waste at local collection centers would be given a Coupon based on the existing condition of their item and that coupon can be used by the customer to purchase any goods and items throughout the country at a discounted price stated against that coupon. 3. Sustainable Development Goals: Rag-pickers will be given regular sessions to collect the E-waste and deposit them in the City Level collection units where they will be provided some amount against their collection. Their unique ID cards will be issued, and the amount will be directly transferred to their bank accounts, thus ensuring clear and clean transactions and making them capable to meet their needs. In this way, they will be much aware while collecting the waste like CD’s, Television, Cell, etc. and better collection can be done. In this way, this innovative solution can prove to be helpful for mankind.

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