Smart Regenerative Gas Stove

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Many disasters are cause due to our own carelessness at home. Forgetting to turn off the gas stove after use. Also, at times we are not able to detect the leakage of gas which can lead to dangerous hazards. This problem can be solved by using a smoke sensor near the burner, but powering the sensor is big problem because gas stove cannot be plugged in always. Since, there is a lot of heat generated by the burner surface, this heat can be converted to electric field with the help of seebeck effect using peltier module of TEG types. The electric field generated can be regulated to charge a lithium cell, by which the lithium cell can power the micro- controller and gas sensor so that, if there is any leakage an alarm will strike. Also a potentiometer is placed on the knob of the stove which enables to read the threat of the leakage.

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