IEEE Day IEEE INSAT SB 7th Celebration

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7 years of growth and improvement, 7 years of hard work and generosity, 7 years of effort, empathy and love. 7 years is what took IEEE INSAT SB to take this picture. It all started with a small group of people who believed in the power of change. These people have opened the door for IEEE to enter our university, and since then, the family has been growing and extending, despite every hardship and every disappointment. Today, we are proud to announce that we have already accomplished many things, we have been qualified as the largest student branch in Region8, we have won numerous national and international awards and we organized more than 150 events.. The story of IEEE INSAT SB is so inspiring to everyone of us, and being a part of this family was, with no doubt, a life-changing experience to each member. Every competition, every event, every conference and every congress have left a part of it in us. That’s why, we feel grateful for this student branch and we know that we owe it our success and the persons we’ve become, and that’s definitely a worth celebrating cause. IEEE Day may not be the only occasion when we can express our love to IEEE, but it is the annual day when we can share this love with others, IEEE and especially non-IEEE members. This year, and in its 10th edition, our IEEE Day celebration was very special: our 2 ambassadors and our members wanted it to be something big, and worked hard day and night to do it in the best way possible, so for almost 2 weeks, everyone had only one main task highlighting the day: IEEE Day preparations. As for the 9th of October, the date we fixed for our event, it went very well and even better than what we expected: every chapter and affinity group have succeeded to express itself and its program and filed, people had fun playing quizzes and games about IEEE and science. We shared our experience and knowledge with everyone and we finally enjoyed singing together before eating the cake. Finally, if I can sum up IEEE Day in three words, they will be support, unconditional love and growth. Because what makes IEEE INSAT SB strong are its members. We will make it short and leave you with the picture, hoping it can move you and recreate for you the same emotions we felt.