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The photograph enframe many of the members of the UFT STudent Branch standing in front of Araguaia Palace. The Coat of Arms image figure was created by heraldist José Luiz de Moura Pereira in 1989. The sun represents the rising state, a greatness that arises and stands promising and fruitful. The white lines symbolize the peace of God that reigns in our land. The yellow color alludes to the rich soil of Tocantins. The blue strips, directed upwards, represent the Araguaia and Tocantins rivers. The five-pointed star represents the condition of the state of Tocantins as part of the Brazilian Federation. The present Square, has 517 thousand square meters and is the second largest urban square in the world. It gathers the three state public powers headquarters (executive, judiciary and legislative). In the center of the Square, it was built the Araguaia Palace, which is the State Executive Headquarter and at its entrace hall, there is the Brazil's Geodetic Center (central point between the extremes of Brazil: north-south, east-west) and it is marked by the wind rose. Due to the strong cultural connection of Tocantins with the indigenous roots, the wind rose, (with the cardinal and collateral points) it was created in three colors and it is enriched by graphics of the indigenous people. The place was chosen for its symbolism and for being the Brazil's geodesic center, and it also shows the indigenous culture present in our region, besides the fact that the wind rose is present prominently in the logo of our student branch. And nothing better than explaining a little of our logo, location and culture for the ieee day 10 years contest.