IEEE Day 2019 Celebration for IEEE ESTU SB

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We met at the engineering faculty of our school to celebrate the 10th anniversary of IEEE Day on October 1st.The main purpose of our meeting was to celebrate IEEE Day socially.For this we first used the giant IEEE Day T-shirt.We designed and made this t-shirt ourselves and it was very enjoyable.In doing so, our goal was both to have fun and to make our members feel volunteer for IEEE Day.Then we took a lot of IEEEDay photos.Apart from the photography concepts we have in mind, the ideas offered by our new members have enabled us to get closer and have fun.As we made the event at the engineering faculty of our school and shared these photos on social media, we made the name IEEE heard by a wider audience.After the photo shoot, we announced and informed about the other activities that we will do within the scope of IEEEDay.We chatted, exchanged information about both IEEE and engineering, and shared experience on our own.It was a very pleasant and helpful day for all of us.Again, happy IEEE Day!