Flying High with IEEE Houston Section (photo)

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IEEE members in Houston Section can literally soar to new heights on IEEE Day 2018! Members were given a rare treat to experience "free falling" in a specially designed wind tunnel at iFly - with winds blowing at 120 mph upwards (terminal velocity for most people). But it's not all just fun and games, it's a networking social and an educational event as well! We had a retired Air Force pilot/trainer to give a presentation about factors affecting terminal velocity of each person/object. He also demonstrated the effects by having multiple objects of different shapes and sizes in the wind tunnel - including a teddy bear - to see which would float up first as the wind speeds increased gradually. Members were taught on how to adjust their angle and posture, and in the end, each member left with not just the benefit of meeting a new IEEE member, knowing the physics of free falling, a "flight certificate" (and a full tummy)... but they realized that IEEE is so much more than what they thought before!